Understanding the Popularity of eSports Betting and Gambling


There are a bunch of reasons why eSports betting is so popular the world over. In this article we will compile a list of the main reasons to give a little overview of this topic.

So here are a few reasons for the rise of this iGaming niche.

Why eSports betting is so popular?

Sport has always been the number one source of entertainment for millions of people around the world. However, its dominance has been challenged in recent years by eSports. Many people today look forward to watching video gamers compete with each other.

eSports is a thriving industry that generates hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue annually. In fact, the industry generated more than $1 billion in 2019 alone. Moreover, gaming professionals, today compete in multi-million dollar video game tournaments that millions of people watch worldwide.

As with any popular sport, it hasn’t taken long for gaming fansto register in icecasino login. Today, many major online casinos with tournaments like and bookmakers, offer multiple eSports categories which fans can bet on.

Having said that, here are several reasons why eSports betting has become wildly popular.

Easy to access

There are always top-drawer eSports games throughout the year, so finding something exciting to watch has never been easier. Better still, the regular games and even major tournaments are streamed free of charge on various websites, including Twitch. In contrast, traditional sports typically require fans to subscribe to costly streaming platforms.

Growing marketplace

Online games are no longer a niche thing. They’re now part of mainstream entertainment. The number of eSports tournaments and sponsors live audiences, and streaming audiences keeps increasing.

Since many people now consider themselves fans of specific eSports teams, they obviously watch their beloved team on a regular basis. And when they regularly watch their heroes in action, they’ll inevitably bet on the games they watch.

Diversity of opportunities

There are countless opportunities to wager on eSports these days. This is because there are lots of competitive eSports online. The games are varied in many ways–some are more familiar because they’re traditional sports like football, basketball, ice hockey, and so on.

However, there are also fighting, racing, and strategy games. The most popular eSports are MOBA games such as Dota 2 and League of Legends.

esports betting

Faster bet clearance

In traditional sports betting, you’ve got to wait ages before the outcome is out. On the other hand, eSports tend to produce quick results.

For example, let’s compare outcomes in the semifinal of the NBA versus League of Legends.

There are up to seven games in the NBA semifinal series, with each match being a couple of days apart. In contrast, League of Legends teams play a specific number of matches until the champion is determined. This means online gaming bets take much less time to clear.

There’s always something fresh

As with any software product, eSports games are continuously re-assessed and improved, with developers making improvements and changes in the gameplay. As a result, there’s likely to be new characters, abilities, items, and even maps or stages being amended.

So, there’s always something fresh about eSports to whet your appetite. And, unlike in mainstream sports, new games are constantly being released, creating a dynamic landscape that’s virtually impossible to get fed up with. 

Fantastic odds

Since most online bookmakers and casino platforms barely have eSports experience, they’re likely to misjudge the odds now and then. Put simply, eSports events provide much better odds compared to regular sports. Little wonder people with zero gaming experience tend to test out the odds.

Availability of livestreaming feature

Online gambling sites use a variety of betting features to maximize the number of new players. If you decide to wager on traditional sports, there aren’t options that offer the trendy live streaming feature.

However, some online bookmakers partner with some of the world’s largest eSports live streaming platforms, including Twitch. Therefore, eSports fans can view some leading tournaments live and leverage that when they start placing bets.

Exciting video games

Many people like to bet on eSports because the games are fun and exciting. You don’t have to have enough motivation or an end goal to enjoy competitive video games. Contrary to the misconception that young people best enjoy eSports, older folks can enjoy video games just as much, if not more.

Watching people shooting at one another or racing against each other can be as entertaining as watching others score goals. Once you start to enjoy eSports, you can start betting on games.

Available at many bookmakers

In the past, it wasn’t common for online bookmakers to offer competitive video game betting. But today, most betting sites provide competitive video betting to keep up with each other.

 If you also want to bet on unknown game titles, you can find them at many bookmakers.

To bet on your favorite video game, research a few bookmakers before choosing one.

The bottom line on why eSports is so popular

As you can see, eSports betting is a relatively new phenomenon that’ll only keep growing, and its ceiling isn’t known yet.

In the not-too-distant future, watching a League of Legends match will be as routine as watching a football match. So, now’s the best time to join this fun and exciting pastime and get the most out of it before others do.

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