The most popular zero waste stores in Riga


Zero waste lifestyle is a philosophy and a common belief that it is important to reduce the generation of waste and its impact on the environment. This includes adopting sustainable habits such as giving up single-use items, recycling and composting, choosing reusable alternatives, etc. Zero waste stores are places where representatives of this lifestyle can shop.

To support a zero-waste lifestyle, zero-waste stores are needed, providing packaging-free, bulk and sustainable products. For example, food, household items, personal care products and other products. These stores help people reduce plastic and other packaging waste. It is a way to promote a more sustainable and environmentally friendly society.

In this article, we will take a look at the most popular zero waste stores in Riga and what their main offer is.

Packaging-free store ”BURKA”

zero waste store burka

BURKA is one of the absolutely most popular and, it seems, the longest operating zero waste stores in Riga. It is without a doubt a sound investment in a greener future.

As the creator of the store says:

“By offering environmentally friendly, carefully selected, long-lasting and high-quality goods, as well as by supporting local producers, we work together to reduce the amount of waste generated on a daily basis. We promote a green lifestyle by implementing anti-waste initiatives and giving people the opportunity to exchange resources such as jars, dishes, candle scraps, boxes, etc. for free.”

The store’s offer is very wide in terms of hygiene, housing, food and also gift items. The brand also has a convenient and transparent, modern online store. In the BURKA online store, you can view the recommended categories and favorite products. Body massage brushes, beautiful smudges and gelatin-free gummy bears especially caught our eye.

The store is located in Kr. Barona Street 59/61, Riga.

”NOSVĒRTS” zero waste store

nosverts store zero waste

The next candidate on the list of zero waste stores in Riga is NOSVĒRTS. It is decorated in a stylish and design-pleasing way. The store also works well on social networks – not only showing its offer, but also inspiring, teaching and encouraging various tips about a zero-waste lifestyle.

According to the store’s social network posts, it can be concluded that it is important for them to

“increase awareness of how important it is to treat the planet we live on with respect, as well as to take action and make smart choices in order to leave as little waste as possible.” ”.

From their offer, we especially caught our eyes roasted large corn nibbles, caramelized almonds in amber chocolate and the stylish Bambaw metal razors, which guarantee quality for a lifetime.

The store is located at Stabu Street 46/48, Riga.

ZAĻAIS KALNS zero waste shop

zalais kalns shop

ZAĻAIS KALNS is another packaging-free store in Riga, which now offers to buy its products at the Āgenskalns market. During Covid, the store also created an online store, which is still available today.

The store offers various food products, sustainable dishes, essential oils, various body care and hygiene products. Their colorful silicone drinking straws, steel lunch boxes and their very wide selection of natural deodorants are especially catching our attention.

The store is located in Āgenskalns market, Nometņu street 64, Riga.

Zero waste online stores

During our research, we also found some other quite popular zero waste stores, which are not available in physical form, but offer to buy their products in a convenient online store format.

1. healthy snacks and not only zero waste shop

We would like to highlight the online store, which was created as a family business. It has a very wide offer and a pleasant design, beautiful pictures and extensive descriptions are attached to each product.

The goal of the company is to “share our family’s experience and small steps to make the world sustainable”. According to the store’s creators, is a green lifestyle embassy in Cēsis, and one of its activities is a family store – the kingdom of flavor fairies.

The store is as close as possible to the zero waste lifestyle. It is an alternative to the usual supermarket system, where everything is already packed with plastic, which only has a negative impact on our environment.

We especially caught the eye of the special reflective shopping bag shown in the picture, sea buckthorn powder and blackcurrant marmalade candies with roasted hazelnuts and cookies.

2. Family owned zero waste shop

bodnica beauty store

The next popular choice is the online store It is a family store where you can buy household, body care and hygiene products in environmentally friendly packaging.

According to the store’s creators,

“We care about nature, our own health and also beauty. That is why we have compiled an assortment that will be friendly to nature and ourselves, and will also be a great addition to the interior.”

The store has 3 announced goals:

  • To contribute to the reduction of the amount of waste and packaging in our everyday life,
  • To inform the public about a nature-friendly lifestyle,
  • Constantly look for favorable offers for your customers.

Among the wide offer, we especially noticed the excellent Gusto body butters and their other products, lavender soap and many other beauty products. It should be noted that there are no food products in this store.

You can definitely find various health-enhancing gifts for your friends and family in these shops.

We wish you the same – health for yourself, your loved ones and our planet!

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Stay happy and healthy!

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