Visiting Liepaja – Sightseeing And Food Spots


Liepaja is an excellent destination for a weekend getaway. The city has a lot to offer for active holiday lovers, culture lovers and those who just want to spend a fun weekend.

It’s a good idea to plan what to do in Liepaja well in advance. A visit to Liepaja can be fulfilling and eventful for a wide range of audiences. In this article, we’ve rounded up some of Liepaja’s gems that are worth visiting.

Where to eat in Liepaja

Here are several places to stop by for a tasty meal or a takeaway snack.

Hot Potato Restaurant

Hot Potato is a restaurant where you can have a hearty meal. The restaurant is set in a cellar, which, incidentally, is located in the oldest street in Liepāja.

There is a special menu for children and a children’s corner where they can have fun while their meal is being prepared. Sometimes events are also organised in the restaurant, such as jazz concerts.

Hot Potato location

Café “Darbnīca”

liepaja cafe darbnica

It’s said that the best coffee in the city is to be found at the Darbnīca. The café is located in one of Liepaja’s central streets – Lielaja Street.

It’s a cosy place where you can enjoy a variety of snacks, freshly baked croissants, salads, burgers and more. A good place for a leisurely breakfast or a proper lunch.

“Darbnīca” location

Café “Vējš”

A small but very nice place – just behind the University of Liepaja. You can buy vegan snacks and have a cup of coffee. The “signature” dish is savoury pancakes with various toppings.

“Vējš” location

Restaurant ” Antikvariāts”

One of the most charming places in Liepaja is definitely “Cafe Antikvariāts”. It is located in the “pedestrian street” of Liepāja – Tirgoņu Street. The interior of the restaurant gives you the feeling of being lost in a Parisian café.

A place where you can enjoy a quiet glass of wine and an oyster. A wine cellar, a restaurant and an oyster bar all in one place, behind book covers.

Next to the “Antikvariāts” is another one of the owners’ favourites – “Liepājas Saldējums”. Here you can cool off with ice cream made from all-natural ingredients.

“Antikvariāts” location

Café “Apetītes namiņš” for healthy meals

cafes in liepaja

A café offering vegan meals and healthy snacks has recently opened. Some of the dishes are gluten-free. The only place in Liepaja with a fully vegan menu.

Tofu sandwiches, vitamin-rich buddha bowls, vegan ice cream, pancakes and various sweet treats. The café is located on Peldu Street, so it’s a good place to pop in on your way to or from the beach.

“Apetītes namiņš” location

Italian cuisine – Café Juliet

italian cousine in liepaja

A taste of Italy can be found at Juliet, just three minutes from the Amber Square. A variety of pizzas, salads and stuffed buns. And – as befits an Italian sweet.

Another place to get vegan snacks is a vegan Snickers or Reese’s. The café also sells quality coffee and Becks vegan cocoa in large packs.

“Juliet” location

Restaurant “Sushi Boom” For lovers of Asian flavours

There are two “Sushi Boom” restaurants in Liepaja – on Siena Street and in the shopping centre “XL Sala”. “Sushi Boom offers a wide selection of sushi, soups, woks, drinks and desserts.

It is also a good place to eat for larger groups, as sushi sets are also available on the menu.

“Street Burgers”

liepaja burgers

One of the most popular places in town to grab a burger. The burger joint is located next to the ice rink. The company uses locally sourced meat, topped with a variety of tasty toppings and sauces.

For those who don’t eat meat, the menu also includes a falafel burger and a cheese burger. Snacks include all the nuggets, wings, cheese sticks and fries.

“Street Burger” location

Café “Valhalla Garden”

Café "Valhalla Garden"

Just a few steps from Julianna’s courtyard, you’ll find a café with its own Eden-like garden. Inside the café, you will also find a cosy interior, complete with many paintings.

In Valhalla, you can enjoy a delicious meal (vegan options are often available!) or sit back with a good glass of wine and play board games. There’s a corner for everyone – including your four-legged friend.

Valhalla Wine & Coffee location

Pizzeria “Doka pizza”

Pizzeria "Doka pizza"

The pizzeria “Doka pica” is located near the University of Liepaja. It is a favourite lunch spot for many people in Liepaja. Not only pizza, but also a variety of classic main courses and sweet dishes.

Hearty portions, friendly staff and an outdoor terrace to sit on sunny days.

Pizzeria “Doka pica” location

Kafejnīca “Boulangerie”

cafe “Boulangerie”

Opposite the Peterhof Market is the charming café “Boulangerie”. Fresh pastries, delicious coffee – a great place to sit and chat.

There are tables outside and (for an extra charge) tables on the pretty roof terrace.

Cafe “Boulangerie” location

Restaurant “Kapteinis”

Restaurant "Kapteinis"

The Kapteinis restaurant delights its customers with friendly waiters and delicious meals. The menu includes a variety of fish and meat dishes, and there is a spacious outdoor area with tables.

“Kapteinis” is a short walk from Lielais Dzintars and the promenade.

Restaurant “Kapteinis” location

Seafood restaurant “Spīķeris”

Seafood restaurant

Restaurant with interesting décor and a wide seafood menu. You’ll find excellent fish and chips, which are praised by Spīķeris visitors. There are also options for children and a variety of desserts.

“Spīķeris is located by the promenade and is open during the day on weekends – opening hours are 13-22 on Saturdays and 13-19 on Sundays. On weekdays, the restaurant is open only in the evening (17-22), making it a good place to visit and combine with a romantic stroll along the promenade.

Restaurant “Spīķeris” location

Beach restaurant “7. līnija”

If you want to have lunch or dinner in a place with a wonderful view, choose “7. līnija”. The menu offers a variety of main courses and snacks, as well as cocktails that are just right for a carefree day by the sea.

Restaurant “7. līnija” location

Active recreation in Liepaja

Recommendations for those interested in active leisure.

Beberlini Wakepark

Beberlini Wakepark

“Beberliņi” is located in the beautiful forest surroundings of the Karosta. For active recreation enthusiasts, BB Wakepark is a must on the to-do list. Available activities: wakeboarding (both summer and winter), catamaran and boat rentals, SUP boards, water balls, sauna and hot tub, outdoor skating rink in winter.

The park also offers overnight stays in a comfortable campsite and BB café.

Wakepark location

Adventure park “Tarzāns”

Another opportunity for active recreation in the Karosta. The adventure park offers eight obstacle courses to test your agility. Those who want to feel a bit more exhilarating can take a 330-metre-long ride over Lake Beberliņi.

This place is suitable for both young and old. Admission for adults (18+ 3h) is around 17 euros, for children (depending on age) prices range from 7 to 12 euros. The long ride costs around 10 euros.

Adventure park “Tarzāns” location

Catamaran rental

Catamaran rental

There are several catamaran rentals in Liepaja and the surrounding area – “Četri vēji” (Vecā ostmala 29), “Makšķernieku namiņš” (Vecā ostmala 11a), “Plostnieki” (“Upmaļsilēni”, Otaņķu parish, Nīcas region). In Liepaja itself, you can take a catamaran on the city canal and Lake Liepaja.

An active holiday that is at the same time quite peaceful and suitable for both friends and families. Catamaran rental per hour is around 9 euros.

Location of the Old Harbour

Laser Tag game “Poligion-1”

Laser tag is a great alternative to paintball. There’s a place near Rainis Park where you can play it in some fun company.

It’s a game that will test your reaction, concentration and ability to cooperate with others. A wide arsenal of weapons, various obstacles and ingenious game scenarios. Laser Tag is also a good idea for a birthday party or a stag party.

“Poligon-1” location

Recreation opportunities with children

Here are some recommendations for families with children who want to spend their holidays in Liepaja.

Jurmala park with playground

Jurmala park with playground

Liepāja Seaside Park is a great place for family holidays.

The park has basketball and football courts, tennis courts, mini-golf and a cycle path. A children’s playground is available for the little ones.

Bring your four-legged friend – the park has a fenced-off area for dogs to run free.

Jurmala park with playground

The park offers a variety of summer cafés serving snacks and refreshments, as well as warm and cooling drinks. You can also have your own family picnic under the shade of a tree. All this surrounded by beautiful nature.

Jurmala Park has around 140 species of trees, making it one of the largest dendrological parks in Latvia.

Jurmala park location

Mini zoo “Atomi”

The mini zoo “Atomi” is located in the municipality of Nica. The inhabitants of the zoo will melt the hearts of both children and adults.

“In Atomi you can meet African ostriches, Indian and White peacocks, turkeys, silk hens, Indian rat ducks, llamas, donkeys, dwarfs, red deer and other animals. There are also wild horses, cows and sheep grazing.

Admission is €4 for adults and €2 for children (3-16).

“Atomi” location

Science and Innovation Centre

Science and Innovation Centre

The Science and Innovation Centre (ZIIC) in Jaun Liepaja offers interactive exhibitions, the chance to try out different technologies and test the laws of nature. These exhibitions will arouse children’s curiosity and make them look for answers themselves.

The Science Centre can also organise children’s birthday parties with the following themes: “Chemists’ Party”, “Einstein’s Party”, “Experiment Show” and “Young Scientists’ Party”. A Nature House, the second unit of the ZIIC, has also been opened on Horse Island.

Science and Innovation Centre

Nature House

Nature House

The Science and Innovation Centre is divided into two buildings – the aforementioned centre at 4/6 Autoru Street and the Nature House at the beginning of Zirgu sala. Registration is required.

A great place for fun activities for the whole family. The Nature House offers various interactive exhibitions that will allow you to gain new knowledge and increase the joy of curiosity.

Nature House location

Zirgu sala walking trail

Zirgu sala walking trail

Liepaja is a place rich in water. And where there is water, there are islands. Horse Island is the largest of the city’s 15 islands. It stretches for four kilometres and has a half-kilometre-long walking trail.

The nature trail is an excellent place for a peaceful stroll, with the Liepaja lagoon lake forming the backdrop.

nature walking trail

There are also several picnic areas along the trail. There are outdoor fitness equipment and campfires.

There is also an asphalted road for cycling, skateboarding or scootering.

Zirgu sala location

“Four Winds” boat trip

A boat cruise through the harbour and out to sea is a nice adventure for the whole family. There are three types of excursions on offer – a trip to Kalpaka Bridge (about one hour), a trip on the sea (about one and a half hours), a trip to Tosmare Hangar (two hours).

You can also try your hand at fishing. The boat runs daily from 12 to 21.30.

Yacht club location

What to see in Liepaja

Here are our recommendations of what to see in Liepaja – sightseeing, museums and more!

Liepaja Museum

The Liepaja Museum building was built in the early 20th century according to the sketches of Ernst von Ine. Originally intended as a residence for the Katzenelson family, the building has been used as the city museum since 1935. It is a place to get to know Liepāja on a completely different – historical – level.

You can also visit the museum with a guide, thus broadening your knowledge and understanding of the exhibitions. You can find out about current exhibitions on the museum’s website. The museum is located on Kūrmājas Avenue, at the end of which is Liepaja Seaside Park.

Liepaja museum location


karosta museum

Karosta is a district of Liepaja that covers almost one third of the city. It is a special place because of its history – it was designed as a completely autonomous place, which is now the largest historical military area in the Baltics.

Continuing on a larger scale, the Karosta is also home to the only military prison in Europe open to tourists. Guests can take a guided tour of the prison. Those who want to experience the prison for themselves can stay overnight in one of the prison cells.

Other sites that have survived the passage of time in the area include the Karosta Water Tower, Redan, Karosta Manege and the Sea Post Pigeon Station. The St. The St Nicholas Orthodox Sea Cathedral, the dome of which is visible behind the apartment blocks.

A walk around the Karosta can be completed with a visit to the North Pier, the longest pier in Latvia.

Karosta location

Northern Forts

Northern Forts

Historical references can also be found in the Karosta’s sea line – the Northern Forts, where the fortress fortifications have been preserved. When walking around the Northern Forts, remember to be safe – the shore can collapse, so do not walk under the ruins of the forts.

A beautiful beach with a slightly untamed, historic aura. There is also a portrait of an old woman by the French artist Al Sticking.

Northern Forts location

Concert Hall Lielais dzintars

Although the concert hall “Lielais dzintars” opened its doors only at the end of 2015, it has undeniably become one of the symbols of Liepaja. An important stop for those interested in culture, the Lielais amber is a regional event centre.

It is home to both the Liepāja Symphony Orchestra and the Liepaja School of Music, Art and Design. The project by Austrian architect Folker Ginkke is certainly one of the most remarkable examples of architecture in Latvia.

Concert Hall Lielais dzintars

Liepaja Peter Market

The market is a place where crowds have gathered since time immemorial. Liepaja Peter Market also has its own history, stretching back a century.

Pētertirgus has four pavilions, many kiosks and trailers, and a large outdoor area. As in a proper market, you can find everything you need – vegetables, meat, dairy products, flowers, household goods and clothes.

And, of course, freshly baked Lottes pastries to enjoy with a Coftea coffee.

Pētertirgus location

Excursion “Siļķu brāķis” – “Herring Break”

"Herring Break"

The “Herring Break” excursion is an unusual adventure for the whole family. Discover the history of Liepaja in less than an hour through various activities. At the end of the excursion there will be a fish meal.

Entertaining, educational and memorable. Excursion available by prior arrangement.

Excursion location

Gallery “Roman Garden”

A great place in the very centre of Liepaja, near the Rose Square. “Romas dārzs” – Roman garden is a tasteful café, an art gallery and a café with delicious cakes and pastries. A good place to visit for those interested in art and culture.

It also offers a tea ceremony session, which can make your visit even more special. The tea ceremony takes place every day from 14.00 and can be booked in advance.

Roman garden location

Graffiti on the streets of Liepaja

Graffiti on the streets of Liepaja

The artistic spirit is alive in Liepaja, and it is visible in the city streets. A good concept for a walk through the streets of Liepaja is to look at graffiti in different locations around the city.

Picture the locations of the graffiti you see:

Sculptures of the Liepaja anthem

Sculptures of the Liepaja anthem

It seems that the Liepaja anthem “In the City Where the Wind Is Born” is well known not only to Liepaja residents, but to every Latvian. Several sculptures with the anthem’s motifs have been placed in Liepaja’s urban environment.

Along Kurmaja Avenue you will see a boatman, a telephone operator, amber Latvians, a crow and a forest of people. There is also a belief that if you rub the crow’s beak, you will return to Liepaja!

Avenua location

Parties in Liepaja

Here are some options where to have fun parties and spend good time together with friends in Liepaja.

Juliannas garden

Juliannas garden

Julianna’s courtyard used to have a completely different – industrial – aura, but now this place is like a little cultural Mecca of Liepaja. An excellent destination for those who want to try several places to relax in one evening.

The courtyard is home to the bohemian Kursas Putni bar, where you can dance to a variety of music, and the city’s most famous pub, Miezis&Co, a must-visit for beer lovers. The colourful and spacious Fontaine Gypsy Camp is a great place for larger groups of friends.

Gypsy Camp offers not only live music, but also a restaurant to eat in or a new cocktail to try in the bar. Two more bars where you can have a cocktail and a bite to eat are Sin and Rita’s Margarita.

And, no, that’s not all. Julianna’s Courtyard also has a cocktail bar, Wood Stock, where you can try drinks from different continents.

Juliannas garden location

Culture House “Wiktorija”

Culture House "Wiktorija"

“Wiktorija” lives in a courtyard on Graudu Street. It regularly hosts concerts for all tastes, as well as other cultural events. A place that will especially appeal to artistic souls.

A cosy courtyard, a relaxing atmosphere and cool events to attend with friends.

“Wiktorija” location

Red Sun Buffet beach bar

Music, wind, beach and refreshing drinks… Is there a better scenario for an evening with friends? The bar has a roof terrace with beautiful sea views.

“The Red Sun Buffet offers a variety of drinks and dishes.

“Red Sun Buffet” location

Vecais Taizel’s Brewery

A short walk from the Big Amber is the “Vecais Taizel’s” pub. Cosy atmosphere, friendly staff and, most importantly, delicious drinks. A place to sit with friends over a good pint and a chat.

“Vecais Taizel’s”  location

Club Fontaine Palace

“Fontaine Palace” is the place where most of Liepaja’s parties have been held. The club is located on the edge of the city canal. Since 2004, various local and foreign bands have performed at Fontaine Palace. A venue that is designed to suit different audiences.

The club’s musical programme will include both jazz and heavy metal. In summer, there is also an outdoor terrace, which is popular with club-goers. The club is also special for its opening hours – it is open 24/7.

“Fontaine Palace” location

Club “Cukurfabrik”

In the very centre of the city, by the Avenue of Fame, is the Cukurfabrik Club. In the past, the legendary Liepaja Rock Café was located here.

On weekends, “Cukurfabrik” hosts fun parties with DJs. On weekdays, it’s the place to have lunch or soak up the sun on the roof terrace with a cooling cocktail. A place to hang out with your friends and make new ones.

“Cukurfabrik” location

Billiards café “Star Cafe”

If you want to spend a leisurely evening with friends, there is a café next to the University of Liepaja where you can play pool and have a shisha. You can also order a hot meal and have a refreshing cocktail at the bar.

“Star Cafe” location

Summer Sound Music Festival

Although the pandemic has not been kind to festivals, there are still hopes to see “Summer Sound” return to Liepāja beach one day. For years it has been an event that has brought people from all over Latvia to Liepāja. Summer Sound was first held in 2011.

Over the years, the festival has hosted performances by Pet Shop Boys, Dons, Mumiy Troll, Laika Suns and many others. A festival that really brings the summer to life. Concerts, various attractions and shows, as well as enjoying Liepaja’s beautiful beach on another level.

Liepāja Lake Music

Although the legendary Liepaja Rock Café is no more, the city’s musical traditions continue to evolve. One of the most interesting projects is Liepaja Lake Music – concerts on Liepāja Lake. They take place shortly before sunset and visitors arrive in catamarans and boats, while musicians perform on a specially designed stage – a raft.

Artists such as Aija Andrejeva, Rūta Dūduma, Emīls Balceris and many others have performed at the lake concerts.

Liepaja lake location

Have a great excursion visiting Liepaja!

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