The best scavenger hunt apps from around the world


Mobile application programs called “scavenger hunt apps” are becoming more and more popular. You can simply download a specific app and go explore a new city, go on a quest or a scavenger hunt with your friends or colleagues.

These games can be played on smartphones and tablets, and they frequently require players to travel to various locations. These apps are designed to promote user interaction with other players and their environments in order to provide a more engaging experience. These scavenger hunt apps are especially a great way of organizing team building.

In this article we will take a look at some of the best scavenger hunt apps that we would like you to try out and play. 


scavify scavenger hunt apps

One of the top scavenger hunt applications is Scavify. It is often used for team building. So the main basis of this app is the software that asks users to accomplish tasks in a number of different ways

That includes:

  • uploading images or videos, 
  • completing different forms, 
  • selecting the correct answers to questions, 
  • scanning QR codes, 
  • checking in at specific locations. 

Current scores are displayed on a leaderboard, and player photos are shown in a feed. After, the software tracks levels of interest and participation. Then provides game organizers with activity data in a convenient dashboard. Scavify is appropriate for a variety of events, from which team building is one of.

The best feature is that it is simple to use remotely, allowing users to interact and enjoy the platform even when they are separated by great distances.


geocach app

One of the best outdoor scavenger hunt apps is geocaching. The website describes itself as “the largest treasure hunt in history.” A high-tech pastime called geocaching includes looking for items using GPS-enabled devices. 

In order for other players to locate the caches, participants hide items in waterproof containers and post coordinates. Usually, after entering the find in an online log, players replace the caches so that other players can locate them.

You can leave objects in your teammates’ cities while traveling together or ask a local to hide goods for you to use the Geocaching app for team building. Or, you could encourage your team to look for hidden treasure nearby and post about it in a group chat or cloud photo album.

Street Quest

street quest app

Our next choice that we recommend trying out if you are in Denmark, is Street Quest. In the mobile game Street Quest, you must unlock the destinations by completing various puzzles. Puzzles have a distinct story and are tied to the actual world environment around you. 

You will get the ability to go throughout the city and discover new locations. Choose a city, put on some comfortable shoes, and enjoy the stroll. When designing a quest, they pick the most original city landmarks and objects. Additionally, you’ll get a chance to see a city in a new light.


two dots app

The next choice of quest-like games is the popular adventure-themed puzzle game TwoDots. It is renowned for its stunning visuals and zen-like gameplay. 

The game’s single-player original edition has leaderboards. Those list international participants on a weekly basis. You can often compare scores if you play on the same team. 

Overall TwoDots is calming in addition to being visually pleasing and psychologically stimulating. You and your team can continue to practice teamwork by playing the digital puzzles because the developers frequently release new adventure boards.


scavenger hunt apps

One of the better event scavenger hunt applications is another one of our favorites, Eventzee. Users have two options: they can select from pre-made party packs or get in touch with the Eventzee crew members to order a game for a particular occasion. 

To play together, participants do not have to be in the same places, and using the app is easy and quick. The majority of their games have up to 25 players and consist of 25 tasks that require answers in the form of photos, videos, and quizzes. 

The party packs have holiday or fantasy adventure themes, making them a possibility for far-off family reunions or far-off company parties. Since customization is an option, gamerunnings can request that designers make a game specifically for certain groups, occasions, or brands.

Let’s Roam

lets roam scavenger

Scavenger hunt planning and execution are very simple with Let’s Roam’s elegant and neat design. Scavenger hunts are accessible on this app in more than 400 locations across the world. It is very popular and loved. So no matter where you are on your next vacation, you may thoroughly explore your surroundings.

You can try using the Bar Hunt option to essentially turn your scavenger hunt into a mini-pub crawl. You can put up a sweet date night scavenger hunt or participate in solo missions and team trials.

While using scavenger hunt apps, especially outdoor ones, make sure to remember to drink water. Our articles about how to choose a sustainable water bottle and TOP water bottles today.

So these were our favorite scavenger hunt apps. Let us know your recommendations so we can add them to our list!

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