Interesting Christmas Gifts


Christmas is the best time to delight your loved ones with stylish and interesting gifts. Over the years, Christmas presents have certainly come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and new ideas are becoming scarce. If you too can’t think of any more interesting Christmas gifts, this article will help you.

We’ve put together some great and interesting Christmas gifts that will surprise and delight your friends and family this festive season.

Build your own plant terrarium kit

interesting christmas gifts

Christmas is a creative time. You can finally take a break from the day-to-day and think about how to improve yourself and what New Year’s resolutions to set yourself. An interesting gift that will allow the recipient to get creative is a kit for building your own plant terrarium.

Plant terrariums are a great way to add greenery to your space. This is a particularly good option for those who tend to be away from home a lot or are otherwise too busy to have time to water houseplants. Terrariums are designed to survive almost without any human intervention. All you have to do is check from time to time that the terrarium is not lacking anything.

Nice fragrance

fragrance gift

Perfumes can give you the perfect look to match both your outfit and your personality. Whatever the fragrance, whether sensual oriental or invigorating floral, perfume for women can be refreshing and make any woman stand out.

Such a gift can be interesting if an exclusive fragrance is chosen. For example, a limited edition niche perfume. These perfumes are like stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new.

Shiny brooch

Shiny brooch gift christmas

A long-forgotten jewellery accessory that has recently come back into fashion is the brooch. It’s a fun way to add a sparkly touch to your outfit. So it would be nice for every jewellery lover to receive an elegant brooch as a gift for a change.

Nela Gems offers a range of sparkling brooches made from Swarovski crystals and pearls. The offer has a noticeable insect motif, with various bees, dragonflies, scarab beetles and other insect brooches available for purchase. These are sparkling Swarovski crystal brooches that will be an interesting surprise for a woman at Christmas.

Neon light decor

interesting christmas gifts

Another idea for interesting Christmas gifts could be a fun neon light decoration. It’s a good way to bring modern neon elements into your home, giving it a lively feel. It could be a themed ‘Good Morning’ to hang on the kitchen wall or a ‘Welcome’ to put on the front door.

Alternatively, neon light letters or initials could be used. These are usually sold in larger sizes, such as the light letters of the homegrown latvian brand PIKU. They can also be conveniently placed on the floor or on larger shelves. Those who like to decorate their space with original design elements might really like neon signs.

TOP 100 movie poster

movie poster gift christmas

Christmas is just around the corner, so it’s definitely around this time that we start thinking about our resolutions for the coming year. For the person you’re looking for presents for, resolutions might include watching more films of different genres. Then this Top 100 movie poster would be a suitable gift.

This poster names 100 films that can be scratched off with a coin after watching. This way you can see which films have already been watched and how many are left. This could be a cool gift idea for any film lover – especially those starting school in the area.

Coffee brewers for the true coffee lover

coffee brewers gift idea

The process of making coffee is very different for everyone. It depends on how much you care about the quality of your own coffee. For someone, it might be easiest to buy a coffee machine and that’s the end of it – quick and easy.

And true coffee enthusiasts often like to be involved in the coffee-making process. If you’re looking for a gift for a coffee lover, it’s worth considering a coffee brewer. Brewing your own coffee is an enjoyable process that allows the maker to control the flavours, strength and other details of the coffee.

Stylish moon lamp

moon lamp gift

Another exciting addition to the interior that we couldn’t leave out is this stylish moon lamp. It is held up on distinctive wooden legs and serves as a striking accent to the room. If you know someone who would love a lamp like this, don’t hesitate to choose it as a Christmas present.

Although this lamp is not designed to provide the best lighting, it will certainly give you a cosy feeling on those dreary winter evenings. Since The Original Moon Lamp is available in 8 sizes in the online shop, there’s a lamp for everyone.

Hope you find all the interesting Christmas gifts you are looking for!

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