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When a holiday is coming up for your mom, it’s important to give her a lovely and useful gift in time. With so many celebrations, you want to treat each one with something really precious. To make sure you never run out of ideas, we’ve put together this gift ideas article of heartwarming gifts for mom.

The main gift doesn’t have to be the biggest and most expensive to make your mom happy. It should be chosen with meaning – with a special tribute to your mom and her love. The gifts summarised in the rest of this article are proof of this.

May they make your mom very happy!

Homemade cake by you

homemade cake gift mom

If your mom has a sweet tooth, a self-baked cake could be the perfect gift. It’s handmade and will show love and care for your mum. Homemade gifts are often appreciated the most because special effort has gone into their preparation.

This is the gift most often given to mums on Mother’s Day. It’s a springy and cool celebration when a homemade cake is just in time. And because you make the cake yourself, you can also adapt it to your mum’s taste. Maybe she likes creamy and sweet cakes, or maybe she prefers something fresher and healthier. All you have to do is find the best recipe and get to work!

Maple CO2 air quality meter

air quality meter

The best gift for mum is care and love.

Maple CO2 is a new technology that will take care of your mum and her well-being. This air quality monitor informs you about the air quality in the room around it in an easy to understand and understandable way. Staying indoors for long periods of time can lead to fatigue and headaches. Maple Co2 will remind you that it’s time for a change.

Maple Co2 is not only a well-being enhancer, but also a design element. Made from wood in a shade of your choice, it has a tasteful minimalist design that will fit in well in your mum’s home or workplace.


perfume gift for mum

Mum is a source of love and care, but we must not forget that she is, and remains, a woman first.

Women’s fragrances will allow your mum to complement her personality and make the fragrance of her choice a wonderful accent that will make her feel beautiful and feminine. Perfumes tend to be as varied as women themselves – soft, strong and sweet. And as we know, perfume helps to boost a woman’s self-confidence.

Any mum will appreciate this gift choice. The main thing is to find out what your mum’s taste in perfume is before you buy. Whether she prefers sweet floral scents or refreshing citrus fruity scents.

Bouquet of gorgeous flowers

flowers for mom

Another example of heartwarming gifts for mom is flowers. It’s a gift you can never go wrong with. Mum will be even happier if you choose her favourite bouquet of flowers. And there’s so much to choose from. Give the sun with sunflowers, the scent of spring with tulips or daffodils, etc.

The most important thing is to provide a gorgeous and fresh bouquet of flowers. Flowers can also be a complement to the main gift. Especially if mum is celebrating a bigger occasion, such as a round anniversary. Then flowers will be a great addition to the gift!

Homemade candle with personalised label

Homemade candle with personalised label

A candle is one of the gifts you can make yourself. Candle making is not that difficult and you can buy candle making kits. Then you’ll hit two birds with one stone – make a beautiful gift for your mum and maybe pick up a new hobby.

To make it extra special, you can personalise it with an original label. Write or stick your mum’s name, initials, a personalised text or greeting on it. It’s sure to warm your mum’s heart. As candles can also be scented, this is another way to personalise the candle to your mum’s taste.

A beautiful water bottle for health

A beautiful water bottle for health

A water bottle is a good gift choice if you want to take care of your mum’s health. A beautiful water bottle is a useful everyday gadget that will remind your mum to drink water regularly.

This is one of the practical gifts on this list. You can’t go wrong with a gift like this because almost every situation in life needs a water bottle – home, office, sports, travel, hiking, etc.

Based on your mum’s tastes and needs, choose the right water bottle for her. She will be delighted to receive a gift that shows concern for her well-being in everyday life.

Homemade wooden frame with a cute photo

Homemade wooden frame with a cute photo

A homemade wooden frame is another cute and sentimental gift idea for your mum on the festive season. Often more than the gifts themselves, mums appreciate being with their family and loved ones. This is a gift that combines the two – something beautiful as well as providing warm memories of your own.

It’s not so difficult to make a wooden frame yourself. There are plenty of tutorials on the internet on how to do it without any prior knowledge. Then you can get creative with decorating, painting, etc.

Last but not least, the choice of the photo image is also important. We recommend choosing a warm and loving picture of the whole family that will make your mum smile every day.

A practical gadget for the kitchen

A practical gadget for the kitchen

If your mum loves to cook and experiment in the kitchen with different dishes, a new and modern gadget for the kitchen could be a great gift idea. You can choose it according to what your mum likes to cook best.

A suitable gift could be a new kettle, a cake tin, a state-of-the-art toaster, a cream whipper, maybe even an appliance as big as a blender or mixer, etc. If it’s a smaller item, it’s good to accompany it with a cool recipe book for new inspiration. Mom the cook will definitely appreciate it!

Gift set Coffee + thermo mug

Gift set Coffee + thermo mug

A good way to look for gifts is by making gift sets. One suggestion is to make gifts as useful and as tasty as possible. Putting the two together makes a useful and beautiful gift set.

For example, if your mum loves coffee and can’t imagine her everyday life without it, this gift idea is just in time. Combine a high-quality, beautiful and durable thermal mug with her favourite coffee. Or let her try a coffee she hasn’t tried yet. Gift sets are a great way to surprise and delight from the heart.

Facial care creams

Facial care creams

Gifts that are designed to improve health and care for the body are always a good idea. And facial care products are one of the gift ideas you can give your mum for the festive season.

If your mum is increasingly paying attention to the appearance of her complexion, making you want to get rid of or reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines. An anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle face cream will help to maintain a youthful appearance. Such a gift is a great way to show your concern for your mum’s appearance and well-being at the same time.

Bath bomb set for peaceful relaxation

bath bomb set

If your mum likes to take a bubble bath to relax, a bath bomb set could be the perfect gift for her. It makes bath time more exciting and also more enjoyable – the bath bombs make your skin silky soft and moisturise it well.

You can make the bath bombs yourself, it will add value to the gift. There are lots of tutorials on the internet on how to do it very easily. A great alternative is to buy a kit or let your mum do it herself. A good gift card is a good option if your mum would love to pick up some beauty products for herself.

Beautiful and elegant bracelet

Beautiful and elegant bracelet gift for mum

When it comes to giving your mum a special gift, jewellery is the perfect choice. Every woman loves to adorn herself with different jewellery. If you know your mum’s taste well, then be sure to choose a suitable and elegant piece of jewellery for her. For example, a pair of earrings or a bracelet.

To make it even more special, you can give it an extra emotional value – find a bracelet that can be engraved with a personalised greeting. This will allow mum to always remember the magical occasion and the loved ones who gave her this gift.

A good book

a good book

A fascinating book is always a good gift idea. It is a gift that allows the recipient to improve, learn something new or simply dream about other lands, people and situations. The key is to know your mum’s tastes and her existing library well enough.

The way not to go wrong is to look at her existing books and perhaps even find her favourite author. Then see if there are any new books by that author that have been published recently. Mum will certainly welcome the opportunity to read something new.

Hope you enjoyed our ideas on what heartwarming gifts for mom are!

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May you find heartwarming gifts for mum and exactly what you are looking for and make your mum happy!

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