Gift Cards Online – More Popular Than Ever


Every year, gift cards become more and more popular and they are more often chosen as the main form of gift. The reasons for this are very diverse, but mainly because gift cards offer a wide range of options – both for the giver and the reciever of the gift itself. It’s a gift that’s nice to receive and easy to give. And gift cards online have made it even more easily accessible.

Our favorite online gift card service to choose from is FromMe gift cards. It is a domestic company that offers to buy gift cards in a wide variety of stores and for a wide variety of services. Their offerings include recreation, hands-on shopping, travel, masterclasses and more.

So in this article, learn more about what the popular gift cards online are all about.

A relaxing time together for couples, families and friends

Gift cards online for relaxation

One of the most enjoyable gifts to receive during the holidays is a relaxing vacation. It is a gift that shows care for the birthday person and the recipient of the gift. It is possible that he did not even think of resting after a job well done.

That is why it is important to accept nice gifts from others – especially if it is a holiday, or some other way to relax. It’s like a sign that it’s time to pamper yourself.

The top list includes the following gift cards for leisure:

  • Relaxation in SPA centers;
  • Relaxing massages;
  • Visits to beauty salons;
  • Various procedures, e.g. flouting;
  • Going to a restaurant.

Everyone has their own opinion on what constitutes a relaxing vacation. However, the FromMe service has provided itself with a wide variety of offers in this respect.

Active recreation for energetic vacationers

Active recreation

Since the opinion about leisure is divided, many people prefer to spend their holidays doing something active. Active recreation is also a widely used term, because it is possible to rest by doing something hectic and full of excitement. offers various active leisure gift cards:

  • Water sports – SUP, paddleboards, wakeboards;
  • Golf and training;
  • Horse riding and photo sessions;
  • diving training;
  • Rock climbing;
  • Cross-country bike or quad bike ride;
  • Paintball and laser tag, etc.

Active recreation can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors. Think about what time of year the gift will be chosen. The winter birthday boy will have to wait a long time before he can enjoy a ride on a water mochi, for example. It is better to choose a trip with a quad bike, which is relevant throughout the year.

Travel gift cards online

Travel gift cards online

Travel is another exciting gift that many still don’t think about in a gift format. The best thing about a gift card is that you can give so many things that you couldn’t fit into a gift before. Traveling is one such example.

The types of travel in gift cards are as follows:

  • Gift cards in a travel agency;
  • Holiday trips to neighboring countries;
  • Overnight stay in Latvian castles and manors;
  • Campsites, guesthouses;
  • Closer and further excursions, etc.

For those who really like to travel, a gift card at a travel agency will be the most useful. It will take care of everything, and you will be able to choose your own destination. It can be a closer trip right here in Latvia or neighboring countries, or a further flight to an exotic land.

Gifts for hobby and everyday life

Gifts for hobby and everyday life

A popular gift choice is gift cards online for your hobby. Gifts for a hobbyist are a great choice because in this way you show support for the birthday boy’s favorite hobby. In addition, most hobbies have development opportunities that require money – or gift cards.

At FromMe you will find a gift card for the following hobbies:

  • Running and orienteering;
  • Skiing and snowboarding;
  • Swimming and rock climbing;
  • Everything you need for home and garden;
  • Crafts and painting, drawing;
  • Learning new languages;
  • Music;
  • Fishing and hunting, etc.

There are many and varied hobbies. Even if you know the passion of your birthday boy, if you are not an expert in the specific field yourself, it will be difficult to choose a useful gift. A gift card will allow the owner of the hobby to go to the specific store and choose the gift himself.

Original gift cards to take your breath away

Gift cards online

And our very favorite gift category is original gifts for the brave during the holidays. These are most often not practical gifts, but ones that take your breath away with something surprising.

Original gifts can be the following:

  • Flights with a hot air balloon, hang glider, etc.;
  • Archery, rifles;
  • A gift card to a tattoo parlor;
  • Erotic photo sessions;
  • Sledding trips;
  • Crazy jeep adventures and more.

Original gift cards are usually the kind that you would never imagine you can give as a gift. That’s why we think these are the most interesting gift choices.

And while you’re in Latvia, make sure to check out some of the most popular zero waste stores in Riga or the best scavenger hunt apps from around the world.

Happy gifting and enjoying!

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