Affordable gift ideas


No matter how expensive or elaborate the gift, the most important thing is that it comes from the heart. Small, useful and affordable gift ideas thought of most when a friend or family member’s name day is approaching. Similarly, such small but sweet gifts are popular with people at Christmas.

In this article, we take a look at some cute and affordable gift ideas for every budget that will delight the recipient both in everyday life and on festive occasions.

A cozy blanket

cozy blanket gift

One of our first choices for affordable gift ideas is a practical gift of a cozy blanket. It is a gift that everyone will love.

It brings warmth into the home, especially on chilly evenings. The soft blanket makes everyone feel comfortable and cozy. It is also useful for outings when you need to keep warm. A colourful blanket can also serve as interior decor.

Board games

fun board games

Board games are an educational and fun gift that everyone will appreciate. Playing board games is also a great way to take a break from your phone and computer screens.

Board games are especially useful for people who like to entertain guests. Playing games together brings people together. Who wouldn’t want to have a fun friend who organises game nights?

Plants for extra greenery

plants gifts

A houseplant is a special, long-lasting and inexpensive gift. The plant adds natural beauty to any interior. It also purifies the air and can improve your sense of smell. Taking care of a houseplant is also a very relaxing process.

Each houseplant is unique and their care can vary greatly. It is therefore important to understand which houseplant will suit a particular person. If you can’t decide which houseplant to give as a gift, we recommend taking into consideration what kinds of plants your recipient already has.

Useful gift cards

gift cards

Gift cards are a very simple but effective way to please the birthday boy or girl. It is a practical gift that will always be useful. Besides, it is one of the best affordable gift ideas since you can pick the value of a gift card.

The biggest advantage of this type of gift is that they usually have a long life or in other words time to use them. Even the busiest gift recipient will be able to plan when to use their gift card.

Scented candles


Candles are one of the most popular gifts. Who doesn’t love a good scented candle? Candles bring warmth and light into the home. If you give a candle, it is nice to know that the recipient is likely to light it at a special moment in their life.

It is also worth thinking about the scent, colour and shape of the candle, which is important to the recipient. You should also think about what kind of candle to buy as a gift – beeswax or paraffin.

A fun coffee mug

fun coffee mug

A mug is a special and useful gift. It can complement an existing collection of mugs or bring unprecedented emotions to someone’s kitchen. It is almost impossible to go wrong with the gift of mugs. The main thing is to think about its appearance and size.

A popular choice is to give a mug with an original design and/or text option. It will make the recipient smile every morning. But often people prefer to receive a simple but large mug.

A set of spices

affordable gift ideas spices

Spices are a unique gift that bring new aromas and flavours into the home. This is the perfect gift for those who are just starting to cook and those who enjoy cooking as a hobby.

Spices are a very specific gift, but if you know what kind of food the recipient likes to cook, choosing the right spices is relatively easy.

Cool pair of socks

socks gift

Socks are a very practical, useful and inexpensive gift. Also, socks are always in fashion. Today, long and colourful socks will be appreciated by every recipient.

This type of gift can also be adapted to the season. For example, in summer you could give thin and bright socks. In winter, give woollen socks with traditional Latvian patterns.

Supplements for good health

supplements gift

Vitamins or supplements are definitely the gift that will boost the recipient’s immune system. This gift will be especially appreciated by those who forget to take care of themselves because of the workload or with the approaching of colder weather.

Also, this kind of gift will let the recipient know that you really care about their health. When giving vitamins, do not forget to explain why you are giving them.

A sustainable tote bag

tote bag

A tote bag is a practical and trendy gift idea. Especially useful when going to the market or on an activity. A cloth bag or tote bag is also often a substitute for large and heavy bags. Fun looking tote bags are very handy in size. They are comfortable, light and stylish.

They will serve as an especially good gift idea for those who are a part of zero waste movement. And maybe those who want to start living more conscious lifestyle yet do not know where to start just yet.

We hope you find useful and affordable gift ideas that will make everybody smile!

Best of luck!

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